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Since 1965, Medicare insurance has helped millions of Americans pay for the health care services they need. You likely have already paid into the program through Social Security.


It’s not always easy to understand your Medicare options. We can help you navigate the complicated maze of Medicare and Medicare Insurance and help make the transition as smooth as possible. Our certified agents will assist you with your application, help you understand what it all means and which selections would benefit you most.



Medicare is a health insurance program for:

  • People age 65 and over
  • People under 65 with certain disabilities
  • People of any age with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant)


We can help you answer any questions you may have about Medicare, including:

  • What does Part A and Part B mean and what do they cover?
  • What is Part D?
  • When do I need to enroll in any type of Medicare Insurance?
  • What does it mean “Open Enrollment” for Medicare?
  • Do I have to answer health questions?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What are Part B Premiums?


Medicare Part A: Hospital Coverage

  • Inpatient hospital stays and skilled nursing facility stays
  • Hospice care and respite care
  • Home health care


Medicare Part B: Medical Coverage

  • Doctor visits
  • Outpatient care, such as lab tests
  • Services not covered by Part A, such as physical therapy
  • Some home health care services, in some cases
  • Some preventive services
  • Durable medical equipment


Medicare Parts A and B Pay:

  • Most fees for covered stays in the hospital except the Part A deductible and coinsurance amounts
  • About 80% of Part B-covered doctor and outpatient medical expenses (after the annual deductible is met)


You Pay:

  • The Part A premium if required, deductible and coinsurance amounts that apply
  • Usually a Part B monthly premium
  • The remaining Part B out-of-pocket expenses
  • Part B annual deductible



Medicare Supplements


Medicare Parts A and B work together to provide basic medical coverage, but they don't pay for everything. Expenses such as deductibles and coinsurance are still your responsibility.


Medicare supplement insurance plans could help pay for some of the out-of-pocket costs that Medicare Parts A and B don't pay. Medicare supplement insurance plans are offered by private insurance companies and work with the coverage provided through Medicare Parts A and B. A variety of standardized plans are available to meet your budget, and each offer the same basic benefit structure. Benefits and costs vary depending on the plan chosen.


Medicare supplement insurance plans may also help you control your health care because there are no network restrictions. This means you can visit any doctor who accepts Medicare patients, and you can see a specialist with no referrals needed.


More about Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans:

  • In all states, Medicare supplement plans have the same basic benefits. So, when shopping for a plan, you can compare one company's "plan G" to another company's "plan G."
  • Note: Medicare supplement plan options available in Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin are standardized differently than plans available in the rest of the U.S.


Depending on the plan you choose, Medicare supplement insurance pays:

  • Part A coinsurance, and most plans pay the hospital deductible
  • Some of the out-of-pocket costs not paid by Part B. Some plans also cover the Part B deductible
  • Cost of blood transfusions (first 3 pints)
  • Cost of 365 extra hospital days after you've used up your Part A benefits
  • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • Hospice - Part A coinsurance
  • Respite care


Depending on the plan you choose, you pay:

  • Monthly premium
  • Limited out-of-pocket costs


When deciding which type of Medicare or Medicare-related insurance might be right for you, it is important that you thoroughly understand your options. Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our experienced certified agents to discuss your options. During your appointment, we will sit down with you to help answer any questions and discuss your individual needs in greater detail.