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When it comes to providing affordable and meaningful group health plans, employers face many challenges. Navigating through today’s escalating healthcare costs and complicated regulatory environment can be extremely difficult…and risky. Because, as you know, the consequences for failing to comply with the myriad of ACA, IRS and DOL requirements can be serious.


At Wampler Varner Insurance Group, we have been delivering affordable and effective group benefit plans to businesses throughout Southwest Florida including Sarasota, Fort Myers, Englewood, North Port, Venice and Port Charlotte, for the past 35 years. We offer the tools and expertise to ensure you meet your business´s goals while providing meaningful benefits to your employees.


Group Health Insurance


As an advisory broker, we offer the plans, tools and services that will help you attract and retain quality employees in a cost-effective manner. Let us help you mitigate the risk and overcome the challenges of implementing and managing your employee health plan. We can customize a plan that not only meets your specific budgetary and benefit goals, but remains in compliance with all of the regulatory requirements.


What are the benefits of offering your employees a group health plan?

A good benefits plan is the single most important reason job candidates have identified as the reason for selecting one position over another. If you want to be competitive in the hunt for the best employees, a strategic, high quality benefits package could be the deciding factor that convinces them to choose your company over your competitor´s.


Benefits packages offer value to your employees and help you boost productivity and retention in a cost-effective manner. Here are a few of the advantages of offering employee benefits as part of your compensation package:


Talent attraction and retention

Are you struggling to attract and retain quality employees? Many companies in Southwest Florida say they are having a hard time filling open positions. In fact, a recent survey by PI Worldwide found that 65% of human resource professionals at small companies are struggling to find quality workers.


So, what gives one company a competitive advantage over another when it comes to securing key personnel? The results of a recent Glassdoor survey might surprise you. The study noted that 79% of employees favor more/better benefits to a pay increase.


Because employees highly value a good benefits package, it is imperative to create a strategic benefits package that targets specific types of employees that will attract the right job candidates to your organization.


Healthy, productive employees

When you create a benefits package that includes a combination of health insurance and dental and vision coverage, your employees are able to take a proactive role in managing their health. Offering affordable access to wellness benefits helps reduce employee absenteeism due to illness. Plus, healthy employees are much more productive than sick ones.


Efficient use of resources

Since many employees prefer a good benefits package over higher salary, offering valuable benefits can help lower top employees’ expectations for salary. This is an advantage to your budget because the value you present to employees with benefits, especially health insurance plans, can be monetarily equal to a raise in salary for them, while costing you less due to group rates and lower payroll taxes. Employers can avoid the hidden cost of paying extra payroll taxes on higher salary by instead offering benefits to provide similar value to employees.


What Makes Wampler Varner Insurance Different?

At Wampler Varner Insurance, we offer a new approach to healthcare. As one of Southwest Florida’s leading group benefit advisors, we provide solutions-focused planning across all lines aimed at minimizing rising health care costs. We work closely with our clients to create custom-designed plans that meet your organization’s budget goals.


Mistakes in employee benefits and human resources can be costly for employers, in the form of extra benefits, complaints, lawsuits, government-assessed fines and penalties, attorney fees and more. We will give you access to exclusive, innovative tools and on-going advice that will help you manage the day-to-day intricacies of your plan. Together, we discuss and examine your needs before we deliver comprehensive and affordable solutions that are meaningful to your employees


Frequently asked questions about group health plans

How many employees must I have to qualify for group employee benefits from Wampler Varner Insurance? If you employee at least five employees that qualify for healthcare coverage, then your business may qualify for a group health plan.


How much does a plan cost?

The short answer is it depends. We will assess your group using a number of criteria, including the size and location of your company and the ages of your employees, to arrive at the final monthly premium. As part of the Affordable Care Act, the health of your employees, including pre-existing conditions, no longer impact group health insurance rates.


Can you help me if I am already working with a broker?

If you already have a broker or have purchased a group health insurance plan in the past through a broker or health insurance company, we can help you to maintain your current plan or find a new plan that better meets your employee and budgetary needs all at no additional cost to you.


We can evaluate your current employee benefits plan and, if necessary, establish a plan specifically design for your business. Call us to speak with one of our senior group benefits advisors to inquire about a no obligation quote.